Chloe Will Be One of My Favorite Movies of 2010 Because Duh

I need this movie to be here yesterday:

It’s not about the poster, which is basically just Amanda Seyfried giving FACE, and we all know how I feel about Amanda Seyfried, so it’s great, but I digress.  

No no, I can’t wait for Chloe because it looks like it’s going to be this year’s Obsessed (and we all know how I feel about Obsessed), but this time it’s starring Julianne Moore and gunning for a hard R-rating, so it looks even better than Obsessed, but I digress.  

My point is you need to watch the trailer because SPOILER ALERT it’s bonkers:

Between A Single Man and her guest spot on 30 Rock, Julianne Moore’s been steadily reestablishing her hold on me, and Chloe is just her turning the screws a little more.  Okay, a lot.  

If there’s ever a genre I love because of its inherent camp pleasure, it’s erotic thrillers with psycho bitches.  It’s a lightning rod for ACTING.  There’re always scenes of female hysteria and ladies going batshit insane, which is never less than amazing.  And if there’s one woman whose hysterics are guaranteed to make me shriek in delight mere seconds before my head explodes from adulation, it’s Julianne Moore.  Even if Atom Egoyan remaking the French thriller Nathalie… is an art-house promise of excellence instead of a tawdry recipe for disaster (the lesbiantics make you wonder), Chloe is my idea of movie heaven.  

And, if nothing else, I’m really digging Amanda Seyfried being cast as the requisite psycho bitch.  She has these wonderfully expressive, Bette-Davis-esque eyes that speak volumes, and I can’t wait to seem the burn with the crazy.  So what do they say this time around?


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  1. Yay! I love Amanda Seyfried too. Let’s go and see this. I always wish I’d been invited to see I Know Who Killed Me with you and Dana. This won’t be as sublime (even though I’ve yet to see IKWKM) but it shouldl be a lot of fun.


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