I’m Not Going to Even Bother Pretending Like I’m Not Excited for The Back-Up Plan

While I was at the movies this past weekend, I saw a poster for the upcoming romantic comedy The Back-Up Plan:

It was confusing because I haven’t associated Jennifer Lopez with shitty romantic comedies–let alone acting–in ages, but I digress.  My point is that I could tell just by the poster that this has “generic rom-com train wreck” written all over it, but sticking J. Lo and Alex O’Laughlin in a movie that amounts to Knocked Up‘s prettier but frighteningly dull cousin inexplicably sounds catnip to me. I blame it on Alex O’Laughlin, who is so pretty that even J. Lo’s hand can’t obscure his prettiness, and her hand damn well giving it a go.  I mean, seriously, what the hell is her hand doing in that poster?  Is she trying to cover his face so she can be the prettiest part of The Back-Up Plan poster?  Is this how they do the Vulcan mind meld in the Bronx?  Sorry, I got sidetracked.  


ANYWAYS, point being is that there’s a trailer for The Back-Up plan, and it’s all the LOLZ and romance of this poster at 24-frames-per-second:

A part of me knows that I shouldn’t be swayed by the strange hold that Jennifer Lopez holds over me, and that shot of her damn Louboutin boots is seventeen different shades of terrible-song-tie-in bullshit, but this movie is also a comedy about having a baby, and that’s the sort of high-concept that puts a five-alarm fire underneath my fake ovaries.  And even though there’s somehow even less dramatic tension in this trailer than there is in the trailer for Leap Year, there’s also abs:

After all, abs are capable of taking even the most trite and predictable of comedies to a whole new level.  It’s called the Rule of Win a Date With Tad Hamilton.

And besides, I am more than behind The Back-Up Plan if only for this face because it’s so appropriate that it’s become my favorite face: 

Now that is the face of a man who just saw a woman’s pussy explode the miracle of life.

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  1. Is he a vampire in this movie? Cuz that would be awesome.


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