The 70-Minute Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Is the Best 70 Minutes You’ll Spend All Day

I’ve never fully understood the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace backlash.  It’s damn painful in parts (mostly the parts with Jar Jar Binks or Jake Lloyd), but I’ve always been willing to allow for its (frequent) missteps as inevitable the result of George Lucas being rusty and out of touch with what made the original trilogy a cultural milestone; after all, taking twenty-some-odd years away from the story that made you famous can do that.  I’m not saying The Phantom Menace is an unheralded classic, but I am saying we’re all allowed to make mistakes, and at least those mistakes don’t involve sloppily borrowing from not one but two Ridley Scott movies.  Whoops, Attack of the Clones, that’s your bad-idea cross to bare.

Anyways, there’s now a thorough (70-minutes long) and compelling (utterly hilarious) argument for The Phantom Menace being the nadir of the series.  That may seem like too much time to commit to one nerd’s take down of a movie that wasn’t worth its own bloated running time in the first place, but it’s not:

See?  Told you so.  This man may be a nerd, but this nerd’s also an unquestionable comedic genius.  So from one nerd to another, sir, I salute you!

The rest of his brilliance can be found starting here.

Much love to Gizmodo for sharing the brilliance that was discovered by none other than Lost creator Damon Lindelof.

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  1. […] hope it to be.  Seriously, this could be a recipe for most disappointing thing since that one time when the nerds saw Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace or that other time when I saw the trailer for Marc […]


  2. […] with Attack of the Clones (which guarantes it’s LOOOONG), but it’s also a sequel to his 70-minute review of The Phantom Menace (which guarantees it’s hilarious).  Fair readers and fellow nerds alike, […]


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