The Necky Is the Perfect Secret Santa Gift to Anonymously Say, “You’re Lazy. And I Hate You.”

Wait, what?  You’re waging a cultural battle against scarves because they’re too confusing and frequently ineffective and quite possibly death traps, and your solution is like a turtleneck bib made out of fleece and some velcro?  And you mean to pawn off “designer leopard” as a color as well?  UGH.  The only people lazier than every single person involved in the conceptualization, production, and advertising of the Necky are the people who will indubitably think that the Necky is a practical item that will improve their standard of living.  Seriously, people, TRY HARDER.

That said, I imagine the end of the scarves’ hegemonic oppression and the beginning of such a brave new Neckied world would look even lazier still, which can only mean dated pop culture references and amateurish Photoshopping skillz, so basically this:

Aaand scene.

Much love to Videogum for sharing this sartorial train wreck.

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  1. […] I should probably not be throwing stones in the glass house of late-night-infomercials.  Particularly after making my thoughts on the Necky so abundantly clear.  Fine, I’m just a pot calling an impulse buy blah blah blah. I can’t help myself.  I […]


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