Snaps to You, the Bravery! Your Music Video Is Totally the Craziest

I suppose it’s only natural that, when the song for which you’re making a music video is called “Hatefuck,” one should anticipate a certain level of craziness to follow.  After all, would the music video for such a song really be meeting its artistic potential if it focused on two precious ducklings in a teacup?

Of course not.  While  your music video would be indisputably adorable, you wouldn’t be capturing the darkness and erotic anxieties that a song like “Hatefuck” seeks to convey

If, however, your video looks like an Eraserhead-era Lynchian sexual nightmare in which a woman in a gas mask ties up a guy in a Mexican wrestling mask and then stabs the dude in the crotch, then your incredibly NSFW (or life.  And most certainly my mother.) and totally batshit crazy video is certainly on to  something.  After all, it’s within reason to say that watching this video is like getting hatefucked in the eyes, which is a compliment.  Because this video’s so freakin’ bonkers, y’all:

Sure, this video may damage your psyche in ways that even a lifetime of ducklings in teacups cannot fully repair, but you have to admit that there’s something rather impressive about being able to describe this video’s plot with the sentence, “So then the Mexican wrestler gets stabbed in the junk, and then the Mermaid Barbies come to life.”  That is a statement that outdoes its own crazy with even crazier crazy, so basically this video is the Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger of balls-out insanity, and you know what?  I can be okay with that.


2 Responses

  1. I kind of love it.


  2. […] congratulations (woof again), MGMT.  ”Flash Delirium” has just beaten out the Bravery’s “Hatefuck” as the most totally batshit crazy nightmare machine music video I’ve ever seen. […]


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