Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” Gives Me a Serious Case of Géjà Vu

Even though it’s not coming out ’til the 23rd, that hasn’t stopped Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster from spilling forth onto the ever impatient interwebs, and let’s all just be honest with ourselves, y’all:

Sure, it’s only 8 songs long, and it’s like Gaga’s gone and reinvented the discostick, but The Fame Monster has some really great songs that definitely earn it a “BUY” come next Tuesday.  Songs, for example, like “Alejandro,” which is the Lady’s catchy dance anthem ode to tossing Latin lovers aside like they’re used tissues at a sperm bank:

I mean, sooo good, but I can’t help but feel like there’s a glitch in the homo matrix because I feel like I’ve heard this song.  Oh, wait, I have:

It’s not as though I think Lady Gaga’s ripped off Ace of Base, but that doesn’t stop me from flashing back to 1994, a time when I thought Jim Carrey movies were funny and flannel was appropriate to wear even if you weren’t a lesbian.  It’s very confusing, y’all.

Also, I applaud these two girls for their dancing moxie, but I do wonder why they act so gangsta while dancing to Ace of Base.  It’s Ace of Base, ladies.  You swish to that shit, not swagger.

4 Responses

  1. the entry part with the piano or whatever is sampled as well… would you know where from???


    • I don’t think Lady Gaga’s sampling. I just think it’s just incredibly reminiscent of old school Ace of Base (“Don’t Turn Around” and “All That She Wants” bot come to mind), and I love it. That said, I could be totally wrong.


  2. The two songs are very similar. I like LadyGaga’s song. She did bring back the memories of Ace of Base.

    Really hope Ace of Base will have a new record soon.


  3. […] come across, so I applaud it for going viral.  On the other hand, however, didn’t we already establish this like well over six months ago, and we’re only getting this mash-up just now?  Damn, […]


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