“Sad Eyes” Is Enrique Iglesias’s Showgirls con los Hombres

Firstly, it’s so bad it’s brilliant.  Oh, and there’s epic amounts of Enrique Iglesias’s perky moobs and enough thrilling stripper pole acrobatics that would have Nomi Malone contemplating whether or not she’s gonna have to shove a bitch down the stairs.  NSFW?  Most likely.  Not to be missed?  Indubitably:

Sweet mercy, there is so much of him compulsively engaging in the act of self love.  That’s basically all there is to this video: Enrique Iglesias touching himself like he’s just hit puberty, and then some Nomi-pool-sex lite in a bathtub.  So basically it’s Showgirls with a Dude.

All it needs is a moment where he and Ricky Martin, in the midst of their roaring success from pop music’s Latin Explosion, decide to take lunch at Spago.  They wax nostalgic about eating Puppy Chow, trade thoughts on having nice moobs, and then toast.  With chips.  Now that would push it into perfección.

Also, as a final thought, if this is meme be true:

Just how many kittens has Enrique Iglesias in the “Sad Eyes” music video killed?

Much love to Best Week Ever for bringing this into my life.

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