Or as I Like to Call It: Gindaloon, The Documentary Miniseries

Here’s the promo for MTV’s newest reality series, Jersey Shore, which just might be the nadir pinnacle of television programming:

It’s basically the bastard baby between The Hills and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, so it’s going to be 2009’s prize gem of trash television.  I personally hope that at least one girl pulls a Teresa and flips a table over, and I super hope at least one of the guys acts like this guy.  Chances are they will at least that ridiculous and then some, and that can mean only one thing:

thomas the train wreck

Train wreck.  

Obviously I’ll be watching this shit like it’s my full time job because we pop up in this shit like that. PATRON!

Much love to the New York Times for the truly brilliant train wreck image.

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  1. […] video way back in March, and it should be noted that she’s responsible for uploading that promo that exploded unto the internet like a juiced-up bat out of hell.  You’re welcome to hate as much as you want, but I think that makes her some sort of […]


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