This Week in Irresponsible Mad Men Recaps: Sometimes We Just Want to Break Free

Let’s just start off by addressing the moment I’m sure we’ve all been buzzing about from last night’s season finale of Mad Men:

mad men tea set scones

That tea set is gorgeous, and those scones look scrumptious.  If you’re going to let a person know that you’re selling their company after barely a year of ownership, you damn well do it with fine china and tasty pastries.  That’s not good business, y’all.  That’s just good manners.

Anyways, in not-as-exciting-as-scones developments, Sterling and Cooper and Draper voted to start a new ad agency, and Lane Pryce is coming along as well:

sterling cooper draper pryce

Seriously, watching the four of them scramble to get everything lined up for Puttnam, Powell, and Lowe was nearly as delicious as I imagine those scones to be.  Pete in his bathrobe negotiating his role in the new firm and getting Don to acknowledge his talents?  Delightful, and only surpassed by Don’s plea to get Peggy on board as well.  But obviously the best part about the forming of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is the fact that–by episodes end–nearly everything I love in this show is all under one roof:

sterling cooper draper pryce office

Yesss.  The gang’s all here!  Joan’s back to doing what she does best: being fierce and in charge!  Trudy’s bringing the office lunch while sporting yet another of her fabulous hats!  Sure, we’re still missing a certain Salvatore Romano from the mix, but I strongly suspect that them having to bust into the art department was a hint that a certain closet door is still open.  I know that–in light of the interminable wait ahead of us–I shouldn’t be so excited, but hot damn am I already excited for season four.

I am not so excited, however, by what’s happening over at the Draper residence:

betty bobby sally don draper

On one hand, Betty and Don’s continually devolving relationship was spiked with the sort of lacerating moments where Mad Men evokes great melodrama in its own particular way, so naturally I was a bundle of SQUEEES! when Betty responds to Don’s request to see a psychiatrist “Because I’d have to be sick to want out of this?” or when Don flat-out called Betty a whore.  On the other hand, though, I never wanted to hate Betty Draper, but unsympathetically running off to Reno for the EZ Pass of 1960s divorces makes me think I may have to hate Betty Draper.  Yeargh, Mad Men!  I may love it when you play these cruel games, but why must you bait my emotions so?

In the end, I guess that’s what this season has been about, though.  The emotional baiting, for sure, but more so about breaking free.  Be it Sal gradually breaking free from his deeply closeted identity or that one guy breaking free from his foot with the help of a John Deere tractor, Peggy and her inhibitions or Joan and her job, this season of Mad Men has been all about abandoning what you have for greener pastures.  It hasn’t always worked out for the best, but always has it come from the spirit of adventure.  So cheers to you, season three of Mad Men.  Now here’s a scene from one of my favorite tranny musicals, 20 Centimeters, in your honor:

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  1. You bring me such joy with your blog. Especially this entry. Thanks.


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