Sometimes We Just Need a Little Mommy Time

The laws of camp enthusiasm dictate that all things are made more fabulous by Carol Channing.  Ventriloquist dummies are no exception:

Carol Channing puppet

It therefore goes without saying, of course, that any comedy sketch video to feature Carol Channing, the Carol Channing ventriloquist dummy, or a man doing a drag impersonation of Carol Channing is liable to blow your damn mind.  But what happens when you add Pauline Kael, genius, and a scatological (and decidedly NSFW) take on motherhood to the mix?  You get “Mommy Time”:

If it weren’t for the fact that I’m in awe of Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke’s indisputable comic brilliance, I’d weep at the thought of growing old and delusional with a Carol Channing dummy, which could very well be my future.  After all, I might esteem myself as above being a cat lady, but jaded old Carol Channing puppet queen is not out of the question.


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