TGIF! Now Here’s the Most Ridiculous Baby Costume of All Time

Seriously?  Seriously:

billion dollar baby costumeThis costume is called the “Billion Dollar Baby,” and though the baby in this picture looks as if he or she is having a gas, I can’t help but feel that–much like dressing up your pets for Halloween– this costume constitutes some form of abuse.  I can understand wanting to dress your kid up as something totally precious, like a kitten or a cowboy or a chicken:

alien chestburster precious

But a bag of money?  That’s only adorable if I can actually sell that baby on the black market for a billion dollars.  Otherwise this costume is only appropriate if you’re going as characters from an Ayn Rand novel, but that would make you the worst parents imaginable.  

And as those parents who dressed their child as a turkey with a chestburster from Alien coming out of them?  They win at life.

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  1. […] Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner’s Good Parenting Corner It has come to my attention that good parenting no longer involves simply dressing your baby up like a bag full of money: […]


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