Just A Few Reasons to Have the Most Vapors Over A Single Man

I’m not quite sure why I never got around to dropping this trailer hotness until now.  The trailer itself has been floating about the internet for about a month, and the film’s been getting some early Oscar buzz since its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.  Also, this trailer’s pretty much all of my favorite things ever ever.  Anyways, here’s the trailer for A Single Man:

I may know next to nada about Tom Ford’s career in the fashion world, but I do know that man gives me the vapors in a serious way:

tom ford serious vapors

As such, I’m pretty certain that him adapting a Christopher Isherwood isn’t going to help 2009’s cause célèbre, Stop the Vapors.  He’s amassed Julianne Moore and Colin Firth and Matthew Goode and fabulous production design from the people behind Mad Men for a story about loss and other homo things in the ’60s, which is like vapors on top of vapors.  It’s just too much, y’all.

But wait!  There’s more (cause for vapors):

single man julianne moore's hair

Don’t play games, y’all.  You know her hair looks totally ferocious in the trailer.  Easily worth the price of admission, I’d say.  But let’s take a look from another angle to make sure it is indeed worth the price of admission:

single man julianne moore's hair 2

Julianne Moore is working some fabulous variation of the Betty Draper Coiffure of Roman Pleasures.  I would gladly pay extra to see that in IMAX.  I think things just got a little bit more vaporlicious.

Oh, and then there’s this:

single man lee pace

Lee Pace is great because I said so.  He was great in Wonderfalls, and he was great in Pushing Daisies, and he was really great in The Fall and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.  And by “great,” I mean “he’s a charming and talented actor that I would not kick out of bed for eating crackers.”  Lee Pace homo things or no Lee Pace Homo things, one thing is for sure: there will be Lee Pace vapors.

So, yeah.  A Single Man gets a limited release December 11, and it looks excellent/sure to induce the vapors.  There’d damn well better be complimentary collectible smelling salts in the lobby.  Preferably with little labels that have Julianne Moore and her fabulous, fabulous hair on.

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