Is Women in Trouble the Cornucopia of Camp Pleasures We’ve Been Waiting For?

Now don’t get me wrong, Powder Blue is a howlingly bad movie experience.  It isn’t so much a movie as a string of individual cinematic train wrecks that have been confused for scenes, and it’s definitely in the lead as the most campalicious movie of 2009.  Well, was.

Dear readers, I give you the new Great Camp Hope of 2009: 

women in trouble poster

First off, I don’t need to get started about the tag line.  It pretty much speaks for its ridiculous self.  But there’s the pink font that looks like it’s straight-up out of a bad 70s European art house sex farce, and let’s not forget how I feel about Carla Gugino.  I don’t recognize anyone else mentioned in this poster save for Simon Baker, but who cares?  This poster is basically about pretty girls and boobs, which I’m pretty sure was the high concept for Showgirls, so consider my appetite whetted.  

But there’s also the trailer, and…well…it can only be described as some bizarre amalgamation of Showgirls and Magnolia and Almodovar and every women’s dramedy from the past two decades:

Et tu, Powder Blue?  

I can’t tell if this is just a bad trailer or an actually bad movie or an intentionally camp movie or a so-bad-it’s-good movie or the work of TOTAL GENIUS, but whatever the case is: YES.  Those candy colors?  The overwrought moments of sentimentality brought to a fever’s pitch by all the teary-eyed hysterics?  That dialogue?  And of course Carla Gugino as a pregnant porn star?!?  In her busted Kim Zolciak wig?!?!?  Oh, and wait for it. 



Waaait for it.



Still wait for it.



No, really, wait for it.





Elizabeth Berkley is in this movie.  You know what news like that is?  Deliciousness.  And I’m talking stripper-pole level deliciousness:

Nomi knows what I’m talking about.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure Women in Trouble is going to be amaaazing, and apparently there’s already a sequel in the can that sees Carla Gugino reprising her role.  Oh, and Malin Akerman’s in it.  As is Alicia Silverstone.  Already the best sequel ever?  

I think so.

Much love to Movieline for turning me onto this hotness, Elektra Luxx for the poster, and Warming Glow for the fabulous Showgirls GIF.

4 Responses

  1. This is exactly the Friday Night Lights spin-off I was hoping for! Coach Taylor’s wife runs off with Tyra who is obviously in love with her.

    Oh, and this,


  2. Can I go to see it with you, Ben? Pleeeaaaaaaase?

    I think the font’s actually more late 1960s, a mash-up of Joy of Sex and Valley of the Dolls.


  3. […] about about fake vaginas from the just-released and sure-to-be-camptasticaliciously-delightful Women in Trouble that stars Carla Gugino and other women who are also in […]


  4. […] soon, PARTICULARLY when I still haven’t seen Women in Trouble to confirm if it is in fact the candy-colored campstravaganza I so hope it to be.  Seriously, this could be a recipe for most disappointing thing since that one time when the […]


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