Showgirls 2? There’s Going to Be a SHOWGIRLS 2?!?

Anyone who knows me or has spent any time with this blog is well aware of how I feel about a certain cinematic masterstroke:

showgirls best movie of all time ever

Sure, I imagine that every time I fall into some tangent extolling the virtues of this classic of classics, my mother rolls her eyes and wonders how I could ever love such garbage.  Garbage like this:

Based on the above clip, however, I believe the more important question is “How could you not love such garbage?”  Seriously, Showgirls, you had me at “DIFFERENT PLACES!”

Anywhosie, there’s now a rumor circulating all over the internet about a sequel to Showgirls, and though I honestly am inclined to call shenanigans, we still need to talk about this like it’s chips and nails.

JoBlo was the first to pick up the story from an article on the Geman website Extratipp, and it’s been gradually gaining steam from there.  My roommate Vanessa first dropped the Showgirls sequel bomb on me when she came across the story on Dlisted.  Squeals ensued, but a closer look at the facts has me skeptical.

Who in the world is this Marc Vorlander, and how on Earth did this man secure $25 million to make a sequel to Showgirls?  And why is Showgirls: A Story of Hope about Hope/Penny dying from laced cocaine, which leads to her brother traveling to Frankfurt for revenge?  I’m all for Rena Riffel taking this gig so she can make more movies like her über-amazing Trasharella (seriously, y’all, it’s really good), but this sounds like a bad idea.  If for no other reason than the fact that she dies.  Lame.

If these guys want to do it right, they’re going to need to work up a far less butch story than a revenge saga sparked by bad drugs.  That is unless the revenge is in the form of pushing bitches down the stairs, and the coke lords are Cristal Connors and Nomi Malone.  And then, in the end, everybody paints their nails and touches up their lip gloss:

showgirls nomi penny hope lip gloss

Oh, and then they go for fajitas.  Now that would be magical.  If it even happens.

The reality is that Rena Riffel’s yet to mention this sequel on her own blog, so I’m not putting much stock in this report.  But that hardly means I don’t want a Showgirls sequel to happen.  Oh, I do.

I really, really do.

2 Responses

  1. Oh me too. I love Showgirls so very much, for all the reasons you mention and all those other moments we love so much (the least erotic/most hysterical sex scene in history in the swimming pool for one). But it has to feature Nomi Malone and Cristal Connors, if not pivot around them (and, yes, I love Rena Riffel as much as you, dear Ben).

    This was the only film I tried to see where the ticket seller tried not to sell me a ticket–I had to persuade her to take my money. Or rather, my free pass to see any movie. Yes, I was told it wasn’t worth seeing for free and to pop in, watch for five minutes and leave. I insisted that I wanted to see it and have loved every minute of it ever since.


  2. […] look boring, but this looks BORING.  Even worse, I don’t see any Rena Riffel, and we were promised Rena Riffel!  Seriously, universe, is there no Penny/hope for a Showgirls follow-up that lives up to the […]


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