Why Must Shutter Island Continue to Look Amazing/Be Unreleased?

Hey, y’all.  You know what movie was supposed to come out this past weekend but didn’t come out this past weekend?  This one:

shutter island

UGH.  I was so excited about this movie coming out, but Paramount apparently hates us, so now we have to wait ’til February.  Boo.  And now there’s a new trailer for Shutter Island?  One perfectly constructed to again remind us how great this movie is going to be?  Oh, and also about how it’s still MONTHS AND MONTHS AWAY?  Double boo!

Oh well.  I guess if we’re going to have to now wait ’til February, we might as well enjoy this new trailer, so let’s make like a masochist and salt this wound: 

The cranky part of me that’s still miffed about Paramount delaying Shutter Island‘s release wants to get all uppity about the noticeable lack of Patricia Clarkson in this trailer.  FACT: Patricia Clarkson makes everything better, especially trailers for movies that should already be out in theaters.  Also, the editing towards the end is a little generic-thrillerish for me.  But clearly I’m grabbing at complaint straws if this is what I’m left with.

The reality is that this movie still looks totally freakin’ astounding.  Hell, it looks even better now than it did the first time, which is impressive because it already looked incredible.  I’m a sucker for an intelligent thriller, particularly one that can make even the most standard of plot conventions (of course, the phones are out during the terrible storm!) pleasurable in their very conventionality.  And did I spot a visual homage to Powell and Pressburger’s The Red Shoes in the shot of the pair of feet going up the spiral staircase?  I told you Scorsese loves him some Powell and Pressburger.

So curses to you, Shutter Island!  I hate the fact that I must continue to wait for you, but damn do I know it’s going to be worth it.

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