Clearly We’re All Seeing 2012 For the Oscar-Calibre Performances

Truth in advertising, y’all.  We really were warned:

2012 ridiculous

With disaster sequences like this, how can it not be?

But now someone’s decided that the only thing better than the five minutes of 2012 that recently made their way onto the internet would be editing out all of the ridiculous CGI footage, thus allowing us to instead focus our attention entirely on the ridiculous performances.  In other words, someone’s my new favorite genius:

I get that I’m in awe of this largely because I refuse to watch the clip it culled its footage from (the apocalypse will not be spoilered), and the internet meme that pops up at the end is a truly inspired touch, but hot diggity damn.  Everybody’s making the greatest faces in response to this apocalyptic meltdown.  In fact, I think I just piddled my pants; they’re that good.

And can we start a slow clap for John Cusack?  Like, immediately?  I suspect it’s probably quite difficult to convey what it’s like to be in a life-threatening disaster that signals the end of the world, but the man has done it.  With totally unchained ridiculous camp performance.  It’s ACTING at it’s finest, and this shit’s sublime.

Et tu, Nicolas Cage?

Cheers to Videogum for the discovery.

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