2012 Just Keeps Looking Better and Better

Perhaps I’m slowly losing my few remaining marbles on account of my feverish anticipation for 2012 (currently 103° of PURE EXCITEMENT*), but this poster is destroying me like Mayan-calendar-predicted global-scale apocalyptic disasters destroy giant statues of Jesus Christ:


This poster is so brilliant that I just can’t deal with it, let alone articulate why I can’t deal with it, but let’s still try.

A part of me just thinks it’s a spectacular and clever image.  It evokes the Jesus-Saves/God-Is-Dead dichotomy central to the spiritual/existential anxieties that surround doomsday scenarios.  You can’t tell if 2012 will be popcorn nihilism or a blockbuster call to repent.  Sure, it’s a Roland Emmerich film, so it’s probably best not to think too hard about these topics for fear of giving yourself a brain aneurism, but I’m happy 2012 has a teaser poster that offers such a fun little intellectual exercise for us film nerds.  It’s kinda like a pop-quiz, except one that makes you want to buy movie tickets in the process.

Of course, there’s also the part of me that loves this poster for hyping 2012 as straight-up disaster porn.  Sure, this movie stars John Cusack and Amanda Peet and Oliver Platt and a Space Ark, but sometimes it’s better to just bank on images of stylized destruction over big name stars.  After all, Space Ark–like Megan Fox–has yet to prove herself to be a box office draw.  This poster is completely over the top, and I love it for that much like I love this clip from the movie:

Wasn’t that clip amazing?  No, seriously, was it?  I refuse to watch more than the first couple minutes of it because I don’t want my 2012 experience sullied by any more spoilers (for my eyes), so I’d like to know.

All I do know is that this movie, outside of featuring numerous sequences of mass destruction and scientifically implausible action, also has John Cusack in the throes of Nicolas-Cage-level hysterics and an actor giving a terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.  And even though it’s probably not featured in this clip, let’s not forget the Space Ark.  Seriouly, 2012?  You’re batshit insanity is completely out of control, and I need you in theaters.


*Did I write that?  I wrote that.  Yikes.

2 Responses

  1. For a self proclaimed film guru you pretty much missed the point: 2012 in November is the trailer for the only movie that will be played within a few years.

    That’s if you’re willing to open your eyes and pay attention to the matrix as much as you do with movies.

    And in case you want to take it to the scientific probable scenario, I recommend to watch a documentary with no special effects: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ8Tp0XAeI8

    See you at the other side.


  2. first off, love your blog dude. you’ve been entertaining me since woman’s studies.

    the poster is a cinematic master piece. it’s the Pasion meets Independence Day. who knew that Hollywood, that is run by the chosen people, could make something that scares the pants off the evangelically christian america and still make a buck? My prediction, big bucks for the box office but will only get a “two star” rating on the comcast on demand in about a year from now.


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