Tragedy Has Befallen Television! The Beautiful Life Has Been Cancelled

Even though I barely made it through the first episode of The Beautiful Life (that show was not good, y’all), I’m nevertheless saddened that CW has decided to pull the plug and cancel it after two episodes.  I’m in shock, and I suspect I’m not the only one:

mischa tbl cancellation disbelief

While the show itself was quite bland, I nevertheless cannot understand a world that would deny us Mischa Barton in a prime-time, youth-oriented soap opera.  This news is like the dysmal third season of The O.C., when the show became awful and Marissa Cooper was killed in a car accident, but now I can’t blame it on the public school kids.  When you look it up in the French dictionary, this is what they call “le sadness.”  But we haven’t just lost Mischa.  We’ve also lost this:

Goodbye, Stomp Stomp.  I may have once mistook you for Mischa Barton, but after watching the premiere I realized that you were in fact a different actress who looked incredibly similar to her.  Perhaps it was because of your shared love of racoon eyes.  My bad.  Your genius at forceful catwalk steps is unique and exciting, and I shall miss it.  Particularly when CW inevitably takes this clip down in the next few weeks in an effort to pretend this show didn’t happen.

There’s ultimately nothing that can fix the fact that the world’s now got a little less The Beautiful Life, the show with so little to genuinely offer yet so much fabulous camp potential, so let’s all share a moment with Mischa:

mischa tbl cancellation displeased

Me too, girl.  Me too.

2 Responses

  1. I was so upset. I loved this show and thought it worked well as trash (more coherent than the Melrose revamp, more clarity than 90210). The characters were promising, if cliched and the potential for camp endless. This was my new favorite show.

    CW should realize, as should other networks, that people watch more tv in Oct/Nov/Dec when the weather gets bad and September is not the best time to test a show. This would have grown with word of mouth.

    Now I’ll never see the Nina Garcia party. I wish they’d cancel One Tree Hill instead.

    They can’t compare the numbers here to the vampire show–they probably are but should recognize those numbers are an anomaly, filled with Twilight obsessives. No amount of reruns are going to bring Melrose more viewers unless it gets better (Ashlee Simpson is good, bless her, but don’t ask us to believe Sydney spawned her at 14-5 and that nobody, including Jane, noticed).


  2. I kind of liked The Beautiful Life. I’m sad it was canceled after two episodes. And the main girl who you refer to as “Stomp Stomp” looks more like Rory Gilmore than Mischa!


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