We’re Back! Now Here’s a Trailer for Trash Humpers!

Well, after a serious bout of the lazies (being witty can be so damn exhausting, y’all), it’s about time we got back to business discussing all of the most important things going on in the world.  Things like this trailer for the new Harmony Korine “movie,” Trash Humpers:  

Ermmm…I’ll admit that the extent of my knowledge of Harmony Korine’s film career is limited to that one time I organized the DVDs at my old summer job and I put Gummo under “G,” but I still feel as though a) this trailer doesn’t make a damn lick of sense, and b) it’s going to haunt my dreams for weeks and weeks to come.  My instinct tells me that Trash Humpers must be an indie/art-house  exercise in self-indulgent nightmare making, and this trailer is unquestionably all-caps ECCENTRIC, yet this somehow only manages to further intrigue me.  

I’ve a well documented adoration for movies that are batshit crazy, and I’m nothing if not a cinematic masochist, so the part of me that enjoys never sleeping again is really interested in seeing this movie.  On the other hand, though, there’s this image for the film from Harmony Korine’s website, which confirms my suspicions:


AAAHH!!!  REAL NIGHTMARES!!!  This picture gives me an intense urge to grab the nearest blanket and start sucking on my thumb like thumbsucking is the new cool thing you learn to do at cool kids school.  Honestly, between that and the terrifying cackles coming from who knows where when the three people are riding bicycles in circles, it’s safe to say I need some potent anti-nightmare material right now.  Something like this:


Floppy-eared bunnies in coffee cups, y’all.  Perfect.  Goodbye, nightmares!  The power of cuteness compels you!

Thanks (?) to Pajiba for finding this trailer.

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