Parting is such sweet sorrow…

A farewell post by Shmathan…

As Robert Frost once famously wrote, “Nothing gold can stay.”  And alas, I must repeat these mournful words as I bid farewell to you, the lovely readers of Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner.  Months ago, Benji graciously took me under his wing to teach me the ways of the Force the Blog.  I owe him much, that Sibyl of Sass, that Queen of Camp.  But the circle is now complete, and the student must move on and make his own way.  I must say, I’ve relished the opportunity to constantly rag on Twihards, share my obsession with Daniel Cudmore and hold forth on all things Geeky.  But it is time to leave this blog to its rightful master, and anyway, remains the greatest source of Nerd Things on the internet.  So it is time to go in search of my own voice.  So, if you ever find yourself missing my overwritten rants and tendency to wax pretentious, come visit me at my own little corner of the interwebs, Oscar Wilde’s Closet. Thank you, and good night.

2 Responses

  1. I’ll miss you!


  2. Shmathan’s gone?!?!?! How did I miss this?


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