Hell Hath No Fury Like a Gindaloon Scorned

This past weekend, I was told that I had to make the word gindaloon part of my blog vocabulary.  A gindaloon is a guido by another name, but you can also call ’em ginzos if you three syllables is one too many to express your Jersey Shore hate.  ANYWAYS, thanks to the glorious serendipity of the interwebs, such a request has quickly been answered by this viral video.  Behold the incredibly NSFW yet utterly captivating musings of this guido–excuse me–gindaloon:

Erm, what?  Why is it that every time guys try to act excessively masculine the end result has a curiously homoerotic charge?  This video comes off as less like a threat and more like one of those embarrassing voicemails you leave at 3 am after too many Flirtinis and a really bad breakup.  Except this shit is butch as hell.  Because of the tequila:

patron butch

Part of me just can’t get over the guido/gindaloon/dinzo/crazy talk, which includes quotable bon mots such as “We pop up in this shit.”  What does that mean?  Please, I need a Gindaloonese-to-English dictionary, STAT!  Also, I’m pretty certain that you’re dead if Patron is the only thing in your blood, but I guess drinking tequila straight from the bottle is liable to make you say incredibly stupid things.  Whatever.  I digress.

What I really love, though, is way this video constantly slides down the slippery slope of self-parody before diving headfirst into the abyss of absolute embarrassment in its final moments.  I mean, you’re certifiably ridiculous when your shirtless friend who has thus far silently wandered in the background has to stop the music and tell you “Enough.”  Honestly, it’s like the guido calling the ginzo the worst.  

Don’t worry, bros, I’m pretty sure you can both have the title!

Much love to Videogum for posting the video, and kudos Andy for practically willing this post into existence.

2 Responses

  1. This is what happens when you run out of limes. 😉


  2. […] one girl pulls a Teresa and flips a table over, and I super hope at least one of the guys acts like this guy.  Chances are they will at least that ridiculous and then some, and that can mean only one […]


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