Barney Frank Makes America’s Crazies Infinitely More Fun

I hate to drop the class bomb on you so unexpectedly, but this woman’s outfit is killing me with its incredible classiness:

class bomb

Nothing says “I am capable of making a well reasoned argument that legitimizes the hyperbolic comparison of a Fascist dictator responsible for ordering the deaths of millions with a President pushing for health care reform” quite like an exposed bra and cut sleeves.  Really, without the cut sleeves and the Flashdance-esque collar, I’m pretty sure I’d just write this woman off as a total crazy.  Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s still a total crazy for wearing such a ridiculous shirt with an infinitely more ridiculous political message, but at least you can spot it from a mile away with that outfit.

This other woman looks well put together and quite sane; however, the second she opens her mount, she puts all doubts to rest:

Oh snap, she got served!  I applaud the way the crazy burns in her eyes, but she’s still an embarrassment.

I certainly concede that, while I am for the idea, a national health care plan is a major undertaking that needs serious discussion.  Will we ever find a consensus and craft a plan that makes everyone happy?  HA!  Of course not, but that doesn’t mean these town hall meetings aren’t beneficial in letting people voice their concerns.  Unless you’re spouting batshit insane shock rhetoric, in which it’s simply depressing to be reminded what a pathetic circus into which politics so frequently devolves.

Thankfully we have Barney Frank as the ringleader of this particular shit show, and he will clearly not tolerate such nonsense.  I’m pretty certain that I’b be hurtling half-filled brandy snifters and screeching “ASUUU MADREEE!!!” if I had to spend my days fielding idiotic questions that suggest moving towards socialized medicine will lead us to hunting down Jewish people (because that’s obviously the next step?), but Barney Frank obviously has much more class than me.  Also, he has better put-downs.  It kinda has me convinced that he’s some sort of national treasure, or that his wit is a resource that we must preserve for future generations.

Really, so long as this country continues to have crazy people who want to make even crazier statements about serious issues that deserve rationale debates, this country will always need Barney Frank.  Watching him shut that crazy woman down is like watching an incredibly satisfying catfight, and nobody even gets choked!

Barney Frank doesn’t just make the psychotic proclamations and rants of über-conservatives tolerable, y’all; he makes them a flat out delight.

Much love to Videogum for bringing this video my way.

4 Responses

  1. i almost fell off my chair (from laughter) after reading the first paragraph. haha


  2. Wow, dude. Sometimes I wish I could blog as well as you. 🙂 I miss your face!


  3. *sniff* My Benji is finally making a foray into political commentary. I proud…so proud. No words…


  4. Great post. Seriously, well done!


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