If There’s Any Justice in the World, Seth McFarlane Will Never Win an Emmy

Seth McFarlane wants his show Family Guy to win an Emmy, y’all.  He wants it so badly, in fact, that he’s made a YouTube channel where he’s recycled a scene from an old episode, thrown in some poorly written new dialogue, and decided that this in fact qualifies as some sort of clever, viral campaigning.  Viral?  Likely.  Clever?  Hardly.

Barf bags ready?  Then behold:

Oh man, he’s right.  Nothing says “Give Me an Emmy” like extended sequences of violence and casual racism.  I guess this makes Seth McFarlane the love child of the Saw franchise and D.W. Griffith.  Awesome.  Pop open the bubbly ‘cos it’s Emmys all around.

Truth be told, I can’t pass myself off as some sort of high-brow elitist who turns up his nose at Family Guy like it offends my palate because I used to watch it in undergrad with my roommates.  I’m just as responsible as anyone else for turning Family Guy into the cultural behemoth that it is today.  Then again, we all make mistakes in our youth.

Perhaps it’s that my tastes have changed quite a bit since I was younger (likely), or maybe Seth McFarlane’s schtick has just become tired and irksome and flat-out offensive (even more likely).  Whatever the case, this video sucks.

Seth McFarlane’s dog and pony show of politically incorrect jabs and overly drawn-out sight gags have already convinced legions of people that he’s a comedy genius, which in turn has netted him a $100 million deal with Fox; he’s by no means hurting for attention.  So why are we subjugated to such Emmy pandering?  I’m sure it’d be a wonderful feeling to win an award from your peers, yet I’d also be willing to bet that this campaign is not the way to win that award.

Or, for that matter, encourage your peers to like you.

Taking a few insipid shots at your competition before recycling the some tired scene isn’t an argument for winning an Emmy; arguments require a modicum of intelligence and tend to make sense.  Duh.  This lazy, irreverent humor nonsense is equivalent to being that asshole on the competitive reality show that didn’t come there to make friends.  As equally inconsequential as VH1 reality shows and the Emmys may be, I’m pretty sure only one gets you respectability as opposed to the chance at a venereal disease.

Still, instead of votes, I hope he gets acknowledged for his “craft,” either by write-ins for Outstanding Eye-Rolling Plea for Attention, or perhaps Outstanding Things We Do Not Want.

After all, it’s always nice to be recognized for your achievements.  No matter how small (or terrible) they are.

Cheers to Videogum for finding this dreck.

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  1. …Wow. I used to love Family Guy. And then it was revived. I was hopeful, and watched the new episodes with y’all, but… it just didn’t seem as witty. Maybe it’s because we didn’t have the new episodes memorized or there hadn’t been a few years of nostalgia built in, but I think that after it came back, Seth just stopped caring as much and let anything go. But… wow. My soul hurts a little more each day (that is, when it’s not falling out. jk!).


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