A Day Late and a Beef Bourguignon Short, We Finally Have a Mad Men Recap!

So I spent my Sunday sipping Pimm’s cups and preparing a beef bourguinon for a Monday crock potting.  It was all very Betty Draper; however, as the cruel mistresses of food fate would have it, I didn’t turn on the crock pot before leaving for work the next day.  I headed back home upon realization and turned on the crock pot, but in my frenzy neglected to make certain that the crock pot was actually plugged in.  Ruh-roh:

crock pot catastrophe

Needless to say, I could’ve broken a chair (Betty Draper style), but I instead chose to drown my sorrows with chicken salad sandwiches and Cary Grant movies, so this recap will be more…impressionistic.  Sure.  That’s a fancier way of saying I’m distracted by my mourning over the loss of French cuisine (because I’m ridiculous), so let’s go with it.


Culinary disasters aside, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the wait for Mad Men was worth it.  Seriously, sweet Don Draper deliciousness, y’all:

mad men season 3 fabulous

Given that I’m only capable of swooning over this show, I’m not entirely certain what to even say.  Even if it weren’t for the introduction of the delectably dry Jared Harris as Lane Pryce, the Sterling Cooper merger is already proving to shake things up.  Burt Peterson’s post-firing tirade was a fantastic dose of comedic spectacle, but watching Pete Cambpell try to sink Ken Cosgrove is where it’ll definitely prove most interesting.  Pete’s so petulant and hungry and amoral and pathetic that his scheming (particularly when it leads to failure) is always a pleasure to watch; it’s a strange mix of schadenfreude and sympathy that makes him a standout character in a cast of standouts.  That, and how can you not love his little promotion dance?  There needs to be a GIF of that, and I need to have it immediately.

Even more intriguing was Pryce’s assistant, John Hooker, calling Sterling Cooper a “gynocracy.”  It’s a slight comment, but it speaks volumes.  Given the way that Peggy has shed her soft-spoken demure for that of a secretary-bustin’ businesswoman, it doesn’t take an Intro to Women’s Studies class to figure out what’s being foreshadowed.  Still, the comment is directed at Joan’s position of power within the office, which is where things get interesting.

Given everything she’s been through in the past season, both personally and professionally, it’s hard to expect Joan to behave the same as she previously has.  She still seems as in charge as ever, but something has shifted in her persona.  Between her willingness to let Burt Peterson’s rampage continue and the way she secures Hooker his office (only to have that result Pryce reprimanding him), there seems to be something calculating–if not predatory–about Joan this season.  Perhaps her ambivalence suggests that she’s unraveling, but I can’t help but suspect she’s embracing the anarchy of the merger as an Machiavellian opportunity for success, sorta like the lady version of Lost‘s Benjamin Linus.

Most importantly, though, Mad Men dropped a big ol’ gay bomb on us by giving Sal his first taste of homo lovin’.  I had to muffle myself with my blanket in order to silence my shrieks of excitement.  Has a POV shot of shoe gazing ever been so erotically charged as when the bellboy’s shoes came into frame?  I think not.  Yes, it’s quite likely that Sal will retreat back into his closet after Don spied him from the fire escape, but hopefully Don’s suggested London Fog tagline/acknowledgment of Sal’s homosexuality (“Limit Your Exposure”) won’t throw him quite so far back.  I’d hardly expecting Sal to fully come out anytime soon, but I hope this to marks the beginning of Sal exploring pre-Stonewall gay life in New York City.  Now that would make things interesting.

Oh, and one final thing: Trudy Campbell’s hat is absolutely fabulous icing on her vintage-outfit fierceness outfit cake.  I’m sure Sal would agree.

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