You’re a Nobody Until Your Private Parts Are More Talented Than Lady Gaga

Depending on your opinion, this kid is either everything that’s right or everything that’s wrong with the democratizing powers of the internet.  I personally think vlogging is the most embarrassing social act of the 21st century, but I also think this kid clearly has a future in law.  His arguments are flawless (and incredibly NSFW), so I’m going with “everything that’s right”:

Is it just me, or is his logic like some cross between a Möbius strip and a black hole?  It’s always a pleasure to see someone get so riled up by something as ultimately inconsequential as Top 40 radio, and even I needed some time before falling for the bashit fabulous camping of Lady Gaga, but his outrage is particularly delicious.  It’s all LOLsteam ahead from the moment he gets riled up about being called gay by the commenters on YouTube, and by the time he calls 102.7 Kiss FM gay–well–my brain has collapsed under the weight of his indignance.  I could try and craft some sort of counterargument, but I don’t think I can keep up with him or his incredibly talented penis.  $20 says it can write better lyrics than Lady Gaga, so I’m pretty certain I can’t compete with that.

So what’re we waiting for?  Someone get this kid an application to Columbia Law (or a radio station), ASAP!

2 Responses

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