Today’s Secret Shame: Megan Fox’s Fake PSA Has Made My Morning

ASUUU MADREEE!!!  There are mornings when I simply adore the MTA and all that public transit has to offer.  Then, of course, there are the days in which a train ahead of you stalls, and you find yourself pondering the injustice of another fare hike while your train idles on the track.  Sadly, today was much more like the latter than the former, so you’d better believe that I totally had my bitchface on when I got off the subway.  Gene Tierney bitchface, to be precise:


Fortunately enough, a new bit of viral marketing for Jennifer’s Body has cropped up all over the interwebs, and it simply reconfirms my suspicions that this movie is going to be trashy goodness.  The clip’s a PSA in which Megan Fox discusses the trials and tribulations of being a teenager.  She may not be the obvious (or even reasonable) choice for such a message, but NO MATTER!  When Megan Fox wants to talk about peer pressure and teen bullying, you’d better shut up and listen:


Is it wrong that this video is just another step in my burgeoning love of Megan Fox as some sort of maybe possibly quasi camp icon?  It’s admittedly trivial and crass and not nearly as clever as Get Obsessed With Ali, but I find the way she so casually drops the F-bomb strangely engaging.  There’s conviction behind it, and for that I approve.  

Besides, I’ve come to accept that, so long as I insist on making home in the festering swamp lands of popular culture, Megan Fox and I are going to cross paths from time to time.  Figuratively speaking, of course.  I’d rather focus my disgust on a movie about LEGOs or cinematic blasphemy at its worst.   Megan Fox will continue to have a career so long as we live in a world where I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell exists, and I’ll take her sexpot shtick over Tucker Max’s grossness any day.

And, if nothing else, you’ve gotta admit that the PSA has some pretty good advice.  Save for the whole cannibal murder thing.  Whatever, we can’t all be Isaiah Washington.

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