BREAKING NEWS: Somebody’s Been Getting Some Blog Love!

Oh dear, I think I have a histrionic homoment coming on, y’all:

Why the sudden ridiculousness?

Well, I’m not one to usually toot my own horn.  Mostly because it just sounds dirty, but also because I like to maintain at least some sense of modesty.  That all said, I can now inform you that–should you find yourself in these interweb nether regions of batshit insanity, camp appreciation, pop culture dissection, and general bitchery–you are indeed at a blog of awesome.  See:

blog of awesome

Once it’s written on the internet, it becomes fact.  Duh.  At least I’m pretty certain how that works.

More importantly, no good shout-out should go unreturned, and so I highly recommend heading over to BluEyedDaizy.  Her musings are eloquent, intelligent, and frequently hilarious.  It’s great stuff, filled with witty observation about life, politics, and pop culture.  Personally speaking, though, she had me at “piñata.”

One Response

  1. Give credit where credit is due. 😉 Life works out best that way. 😀


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