Mad Men Takes New York. Benjamin Inevitably Wets His Pants

In case you didn’t know, I’ve something of a Mad Men obsession.  Is it the 1960s aesthetic?  The artful way dramatic tension builds both over individual episodes and the entire season?  Is it simply my inimitable love for the World’s Second Greatest Joan?  Je ne sais pas, but it’s probably all of these reasons and an endless slew of others.  So you can only imagine my reaction on the subway yesterday when I read that New York Magazine is co-sponsoring a slew of themed events centering around my chief obsession.  Yup:

mad men fans

That subway cop was NOT amused one bit.

But really, it’s almost too much to be true.  Hell, it is too much to be true!  Take a trip to the Hilton New York for a selection of vintage cocktails inspired by Mad Men?  Why, I simply must pretend I work at Sterling Cooper and go to there for lunch!  And then return that evening for more cocktails and a video installation projects 1960s vintage ads on the side of the Museum of Arts and Design?  That may be a bad idea, so let’s do that on a Friday!  

As for the Mets game?  Well, I’m not going unless I’m guaranteed a fedora, so I’ll just pass.  It’s not like I’d actually go to watch the game!  HA!

The pièce de résistance, though, is the main reason I simply can’t contain myself:

mad men times square premiere

Mad Men‘s third season will be projected on the big screen in Times Square!  I.  Can’t.  HANDLE IT!!!

Sure, sure, there’s also a costume contest, but that’s just sartorial icing on my obsession cake.  I don’t need anything other than to watch my favorite show’s third season premiere in one of the most iconic areas of New York City.  Will it be crowded?  Likely.  Will the train ride back home to Brooklyn suck?  Indubitably.  But it’ll all be worth it.  Mad Men‘s a truly exemplary show, and it’s fantastic to see it garner the attention is so greatly deserves.  

And as for that commute?  Well, I can just pretend I’m Peggy.  After all, she’s sorta becoming my favorite.

Nothing but love to New York Magazine and their co-sponsors for the inspired celebration.

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