Internet, Make (Alternate) Dynasty Happen!

Remember yesterday’s nightmare?  How could you forget it?  It’s sadly burnt itself into my memory for all eternity.  Sweet mercy was it the worst!

Fortunately for us, the internet is sorta like Newton’s third law of motion, and so for every nightmarish thing that should not exist there is a brilliantly insane thing that most certainly should exist.  Such is the case of this video for an alternate opening for Dynasty, which envisions what I’m pretty certain is an even better version of Dynasty than the one that already exists.  Seriously:

Mon dieu!  All that genius has temporarily stunted my capacity to speak in English, so I’m stuck with responding in French: 

dynasty incroyable

Once I finally stopped LOLing all over myself, I realized that it makes no fathomable sense that we don’t already have an entire episode that featuring this cast.  The only thing more incredible than the trashtastic spectacular that is Dynasty would be the absurdist spectacular that is Dynasty 2.0.  The catfights would stay, naturally, but I must admit that none of us have lived until we’ve seen Jessica Tandy and a hamburger penis throw down in a fountain.  Get to work, internet!

Oh, and I hope mannequin arms are still involved.

And thanks again to Laura, who lead me down the interweb rabbit hole that is Fatal Farm.  Between their TV Themes and Lasagna Cat, they’re like an internet meme machine churning out 110% brilliance.

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  1. I started hyperventilating from laughing so hard. Damn you, you are trying to kill me!


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