Things That Should Not Exist: The Duck Tales Video of Your Nightmares

I’m sorry, but these are my eyeballs right now:


But, let’s keep this in mind, most certainly not in the fun way.  No no, quite the opposite, really.  Why?  Because I’ve seen the interweb’s greatest nightmare-generator/nostalgia-killer/life-ruiner.  It starts innocently enough, but then just spirals into batshit insanity.  It’s not necessarily unsafe for work, but it’s certainly not safe for my mother.

Also, I’m pretty sure that this video’s already made the rounds, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ve see it, so here you go.  As it’s wont to love company, here’s a little misery for your Sunday afternoon.  And if you’ve seen it already, just consider it salt on your mind wound:


I simply don’t understand why the world insists on making things that have no business in existing, but I must give props to whoever in fact made this exist.  This is like if someone put Patrick Wilson’s character from Hard Candy, a hyperbolic Marxist rant, and my last untarnished childhood memory into a blender and set it to Awful.  Keep up the good work, sir.  You’ve set the bar high, but I imagine it’s only a matter time before you are outdone and my brain literally combusts.

Something probably involving TaleSpin, I imagine.

And much love to Laura for sending this my way.


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