Ridley Scott Will Be Directing the Alien Prequel, and I Will Be Seeing It

Hollywood, the succubus of creative thought and artistic vision, has done something right for once.  While the bulk of the time they spend bleeding good ideas dry with endless sequels and remakes and franchise reboots tends to send me into fits of brick-shitting rage, there’s the occasional instance where the Hollywood money hungries leads to it making something genuinely likable.  Movies such as Star Trek, which was really great!  Or The Dark Knight, which was flat out brilliant!  These things can happen, and it’s for that reason that this little tidbit of news has me thoroughly giddy:

alien prequel

Seriously, the Alien franchise is admittedly one to which I’m incredibly faithful.  I sat through the miserable train wreck that was Alien vs. Predator and then somehow decided that I still had to waste my money on Alien vs. Predator: Requiem.  I actually kinda like the utter insanity that is Alien Resurrection in a camp sort of way.  I’ve long ago abandoned the hope that the material would ever again approach the quality of Ridley Scott’s original masterpiece or James Cameron’s exceptional sequel, but news of Ridley Scott returning to helm a prequel proves that hope does indeed spring eternal.

I’m certain there’s plenty of time for plenty of bad ideas to arise and ruin what could otherwise have been an excellent movie, but right now I couldn’t care less.  Ridley Scott’s vision defined the Alien franchise, and it will always be the one to beat.  The derelict spacecraft the Nostromo receives the distress call from is a stunning achievement in art design and set  production, and any opportunity for Scott’s camera to return to those strange caverns is fine by me.  Plus we can hopefully finally get some answers to the most important question about Alien that’s ever been asked:

alien space jockey what the hell

Seriously, what is that thing?  I know that it’s know as the “space jockey,” but it’s certainly extraterrestrial and most certainly not the same species as the xenomorph.  Is Ridley Scott’s prequel going to address the fate of this alien crew, or is there some entirely different angle to explore?  Perhaps a previous Earth crew that encounters the alien and sends word back to the Nostromo‘s employers?  Who knows, and who cares?  It’s time to get excited, y’all, so let’s get excited in a movie-project-that-involves-a-beloved-franchise-but-actually-excites-me sort of way!  YAY!!!

Much love to Variety for breaking the news.

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