Benjamin’s Hard-Hitting Questions: Who’s Your Favorite Mad Men Character?

Let’s get one thing clear straight off the bat: This post is written under the impression you’ve made your way through at least the bulk of Mad Men‘s second season, so MAD MEN SPOILER MINES AHEAD, y’all!

That said, as I near the home stretch of getting caught up on Mad Men season two, I’ve been realizing just how much the characters have evolved and evolved into even more complicated and multi-layered over the course of this season.  I’ve also realized that season two is some of the most emotionally wrenching television I’ve even seen.  Whether it’s watching the Draper household slowly crumble under the earthquake of marital dissatisfaction or witnessing The World’s Second Greatest Joan (Ms. Holloway, for the uninitiated) find the prospects of advancing her career through Sterling Cooper’s Television Department more appealing than simply playing doting housewife to a doctor, Mad Men‘s second season has been as perfectly depressing at times as it is perfect.

That said, one of the genuine bright spots this season has been Elisabeth Moss’s Peggy Jones.  Sure, there’s plenty of the 😦 as she feels the loss of having given up her son at the end of the first season, but her earnestness and genuine desire to do good by other people is nothing if not utterly heart-warming.  Added to that, she’s grown from the Donald Draper’s meek secretary to a woman of surprising, if sometimes occasional, confidence.  She’s really quite fantastic.

And then, of course, there’s this:

peggy kurt makeover

Kurt, Peggy’s Eurogay coworker, is so excited.  I’m so excited.  Peggy, apparently, is so scared.  Of course, she needn’t be.  The moment in which Peggy–hair literally (and indubitably metaphorically) let-down and fabulously flipped–waltzes into Sterling Cooper with her fresh, homo-friend approved ‘do cut sent tingles down my spine.  TINGLES.  It’s one of those moments in which we’re reminded of a universal truth: Gay man and straight women are the peanut-butter-and-jelly-esque backbone of society.  We always promise deliciousness.

Anyways, I still have two episodes to go, yet based on a certain promo photo that’s cropped up on the internet earlier this week, it’s safe to say Peggy will continue to bring the deliciousness this upcoming season:

peggy season 3 sassy

I’m not saying that I won’t continue to pine for Don Draper (even though he’s increasingly behaved like the worst this past season), and I’m hardly saying I’m going to be demoting The World’s Second Greatest Joan to third place, but this picture has me on Team Peggy all the way.  Her hair is still totally incredible, and just look at her rock that plaid dress!  And, oh, that look just kills me; it’s the look that launched a thousand tingles!

Which brings me to the most hard-hitting question, the question that hits you as hard in the gut as watching Betty sitting alone and defeated on the bed with all of Don’s suits scattered about her: Who is your favorite Mad Men character?  Seriously, this question demands answers, so answer away!

Much love, by the by, to Jezebel for posting the new promo pics.

4 Responses

  1. Sally Draper?

    No, probably Peggy or Joan. Maybe Salvatore? This question is too difficult. Pass.


  2. […] And as for that commute?  Well, I can just pretend I’m Peggy.  After all, she’s sorta becoming my favorite. […]


  3. […] And as for that commute?  Well, I can just pretend I’m Peggy.  After all, she’s sorta becoming my favorite. […]


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