¡Pelea de Gatos!

If years of watching trash television and camp sensibility have taught me one thing about catfights, it’s this:

dynasty cat fight delightful

Really, nothing makes my heart go pitter patter as I’m thrust into a giggle fit quite like the sight of two women engaged in a ladylike bought of Mortal Kombat.  Whether it involves fistfuls of hair or a mannequin arm beating, your day is guaranteed to never be less than 110% classy when a catfight is involved.  Everything, save for Mad Men (which is perfect, duh), can be improved by a catfight.  So how do you improve on perfection?  Two words: The Gays.

Fortunately, we have the following video, which I’ve been unable to stop watching since I came across it yesterday.  It’s two gay men screaming, slapping, and threatening each other with a flip-flop.  They’re fighting about…something, but it’s never explained, and that only adds to the more-compelling-than-a-train-wreck nature of this video.  Oh, and did I mention it’s all in Spanish?  I’m basically trying to tell you that it’s the apex of batshit craziness en Español, and you absolutely need to see this mess for yourself:

I have no way of articulating why I love this video as much as I do, but I simply can’t.  Stop.  WATCHING.

Seriously, so long as people feel compelled to record physical altercations and then post them to YouTube, they need to study this video before they throw down.  It’s the textbook case on how to do ridiculous right.  Hell, when you think about it, this video isn’t of a catfight so much as a two-mind master class in mind-blowing hysterics.  And even though I usually don’t go hurling my insults in Spanish, I’m pretty certain “ASUUU MADREEE!!!” will now be my response to everything that displeases me.

Much love to Dlisted for bringing these two minutes of pure joy into my life.

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