Mad Men Viral Marketing Creates Avatar Generator/Head Exploder

The Mad Men cartoons by Nobody’s Sweetheart‘s Dyna Moe are inspired stuff by any account, but they’re Mad Men crack if you’re a fan of the show.  Given that I could stare at it all day, “Joan and the Xerox” is my desktop wallpaper at work, which means I get to stare at it all day.  Mmm….Joan.

Anyways, the geniuses behind Mad Men‘s marketing have properly outdone themselves (I bet they work for Sterling Cooper), and created the greatest time waster I could have ever wished for: The Mad Men Avatar Generator,  And yes, that faint popping noise you just heard was the sound of my head bursting like a ripe cantaloupe on account of a severe enthusiasm overdose.  

Seriously, though, I can now live the live I’ve always wanted, aka, in Mad Men, and I get to be a fabulously kitschy Dyna Moe cartoon to be fabulous icing on my dream-life cake!  For example, look at how happy Don Draper is to see me when I arrive for another day at Sterling Cooper:

madmen yourself sterling cooper

Me: Why hello, Don.  You’re looking fetching in your suit.  As usual.

Cartoon Don Draper: Why thank you.  It may not be work appropriate over here at Sterling Cooper, but you look quite dapper in that cardigan.  And I should know, because my last name’s Draper.  Get it?  It’s a pun.  Ha.  Would you like to go for drinks during lunch?


Cartoon Don Draper: What’s that?

Me: Yes.

Later, over cocktails: 

madmen yourself don draper


Cartoon Don Draper: What did you say?

Me: Ermm, I love you?

Cartoon Don Draper: Come again?

Me: I mean, tell me about that one time you gave your Carousel pitch again?

Cartoon Don Draper: Well, you see, in Greek, nostalgia literally means…

*Sound of a ripe cantaloupe bursting*

See, even if it’s overwhelming to imagine, we all now have a way to live in the world of Mad Men.  And, even though the love of a cartoon Don Draper and myself can only end with exploding heads, at least I know I’ve still got my happy place:

madmen yourself joan peggy

Me+Cartoon Peggy+Cartoon Joan=Cartoon Best Friends Forever!  I think we all know what my new wallpaper is.

Much love to @lindsayism for the find.

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