Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” Video is a Today’s Happy Place

The less said about the just-released music video for Coldplay’s über-gorgeous Viva la Vida single “Strawberry Swing” the better, save for the fact that it’s the rare musical video that’s as beautiful as the song that it accompanies.  That, and the fact that it proves my age-old suspicion that squirrels, like clowns, are inherently evil.  Trust me on that one.

So just click the picture and prepare to be transported to a magical world of psychedelic chalk animation and the most fabulously colorful super-hero costume I’ve ever seen.  Really, if I were a Watchman, I’m pretty sure my homemade costume would look just like that.

We can discuss the video more after you watch it, so really, y’all, click that picture!  CLICK IT NOW:


Ah, totally worth it, right?  Absolutely a winner of a music video, and that squirrel is evil!  PURE FRICKIN’ EVIL!  But, zoinksapalooza, I don’t know how to discuss it!

It’s so good that I’m entirely at a loss for anything clever or witty to say.  I can’t help myself; the song is already my zen anthem, and those colors are like gay man’s catnip to me!  Trust me, it’s terrible.  One minute I’m bitch-bitch-bitchin’ away, and then all of a sudden all the whimsical deliciousness has me makin’ a damn fool of myself at my desk.  Just like all these cats:

The cats and I agree: You can’t look respectable drooling all over yourself and rolling on the ground in a state of sublime ecstasy.  Though in my defense, the rainbow-colored butterflies in the end totally had me thinking about Funfetti cupcakes.  If you’ve ever had Funfetti cupcakes while listening to Coldplay, you’d be acting the exact same way.  It’s kinda joygasmic, which is an adjective that also fits this video.

That said, I think the “Strawberry Swing” video has taught us all an important lesson: thoughts of cupcakes and Coldplay should remain as disparate as possible because any collision is inherently NSFSRB (Not Safe For a Socially Respectable Benjamin).  Really, y’all, the results could be dangerous(ly embarrassing).

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  1. Sweet! I love strawberries. lol


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