When Nightmares and Single Ladies Collide

It’s been well documented that clowns are universally despised and hated by anybody with the common sense to recognize that behind all those painted faces and put-on grins lies the root of all evil.

The “Single Ladies” dance is the absolute antithesis of clowns.  For starters, everyone loves that song.  Really, EVERYONE:

old people love single ladies

See?  Told you so!  Photoshopped pictures don’t lie, and that’s a fact!

Added to that, if you have even the vaguest inkling of rhythm and a dial-up internet access, it’s very likely that you too probably learned at least some of the dance as it exploded all over the pop-culture zeitgeist like nuclear bomb of insanely infectious fabulousness.

So what do you get when you cross the the undeniable creepiness that is a scary clown mask with 2008’s internet meme sensation?  You apparently get the following video, which is as utterly nightmarish as it is strangely compelling:

Interesting…it’s like a preview for Agatha Christie’s posthumously discovered novel, Train Wreck on the Nightmare Express.

When you think about it, though, the end of this video is probably some form of viral video/internet meme karma.  I’m not saying that I don’t feel sorry for that girl, but let’s be real: She’s playing with cultural matter and anti-matter, y’all.  Girl is bound to get hurt.

Thanks to Christian for finding this video.

2 Responses

  1. […] song that it accompanies.  That, and the fact that it proves my age-old suspicion that squirrels, like clowns, are inherently evil.  Trust me on that […]


  2. […] the other hand, this video makes me long for that one time the girl in the terrifying clown mask did the “Single Ladies” dance because clown nightmares are always better than prison […]


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