Jane Austen + Supernatural Creatures = Heaven

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a thing without zombies must be in want of zombies.  I firmly believe that.  For you see, I love zombies.  I pray daily that the Zombie Apocalypse will occur in my liftime; hopefully, when I still possess the majestic biceps that will enable me to wield a chainsaw with surgical precision.  Just ask Benji, with whom I spent many a lovely evening viewing such cinematic classics as Dead Alive and Dawn of the Dead.  They left many fond memories, and led to many a pithy a comment by Benji, though I must admit I was most amused by his reaction to 28 Days Later:  “Oh FUCK THIS! I did not sign on for fast zombies!!!”  While my love of zombies perhaps does not quite equal my love for Daniel Cudmore, it runs firmly and deep–just as a deep as my adoration for a certain Ms. Austen.

Yes. Ms. Austen. Dear Jane.  For not only am I geek, but I am also a literary snob of ridiculously homosexual proportions.


From Mansfield Park and Sanditon, all the way through Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion, I have savored each of her comedies of manners like a fine meal.  But what unites these loves, you may ask?  The answer is Quirk Classics, who provided the perfect dessert for a literary feast.  This past year, they published this sterling example of literature:


Perhaps I overuse this word almost as much as the hated Michael Bay, but this book was AWESOME.  Now, don’t look to it for any particular innovation.  Mr. Grahame-Smith kept the underlying story intact, and about 80% of the original dialog and events.  He just inserted a healthy dose of zombie mayhem and ninja action, as well as a few over-the-top sexual references.  A friend of mine, whom we shall call Shmailey, actually found the book less enjoyable:  she wanted an insightful examination into how the society and political economy of Georgian England adapted to the zombie plague.  I just wanted to read about the gentry being disemboweled and messily devoured.  I was not disappointed.

And now, Quirk Classics is at it again.  Not content to improve upon one Austen masterpiece, they have set their sights on the delightful Dashwood sisters.  That’s right, Sense and Sensibility is about to receive a healthy dose of cryptozoological chaos in the form of…sea monsters.  Come September 15, we will all be able to enjoy this paragon of Western literature:  Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.  Reserve your copy now, I did.  And to whet your appetite until then…

3 Responses

  1. I told you I bought Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… perhaps it will be the only way I can enjoy that trash… I mean book. And I love this trailer! This is pretty awesome for a book!


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