A Guide to the Red-Band Jennifer’s Body Trailer For People That Don’t Care About Megan Fox’s Boobs

Have you seen the red-band trailer for Jennifer’s Body, which sells us Diablo Cody’s teen horror film by emphasizing the cursing and Megan Fox’s boobs?  Oh, and Megan Fox being teasingly “bisexual”?  Maybe it’s me, I can’t help but think Showgirls did the boobs and bisexuality so much better and with so much less Megan Fox.  Fortunately, I think the rest of us (and by rest of us, I mean people lacking an interest in Megan Fox and/or her boobs) still have plenty to be excited about.

For starters, there’s Amanda Seyfried:

amanda seyfried mean girls best

And she’s been the best since her scene-stealing turn in Mean Girls, and it’s simply a matter of time before she finally blows up.  She infinitely appealing and incredibly versatile (I believe her dumb blond every bit as much as her high school outcast), and this could be the breakthrough she deserves.  After all, Jamie Lee Curtis–the original Final Girl–made it big with Halloween.  For those of us who appreciate women or character and substance, she’s the Jennifer’s Body (Final) girl to watch.

And what about a generation’s nostalgia for a certain West-Coast based teen soap?  Jennifer’s Body has got the goods IN SPADES:

adam brody jennifers body

Oh, shiiiiit!  You mean everyone’s most crush-worthy sensitive Jewish nerd is now a member of a Satanic rock band?  Call me crazy, but I could personally do without the whole Satanism thing; however, that doesn’t mean that magic feeling I first felt in fall of ’04 has changed in the slightest (What?  I was slow to catch onto The O.C., so sue me!).  Hetero fanboys aren’t the only ones with hormones, y’all, and the promise of Seth Cohen Adam Brody’s return t0 any screen is probably sending a certain demographic into schoolgirl fits in the anticipation of the return of the Jewliciousness.  Niche marketing at its finest.

Mostly, though, it looks like a fabulous piece of campy, trashy horror that hopefully gives pause to more Diablo Cody backlash.  Love her or hate her, Diablo Cody’s brought brazenly shlocky, tongue-in-cheek 80s horror back to the big screen.  Sure, the dialogue still seems occasionally forced in its wish to be clever and quoatable, but that line about Thai food is so wickedly filthy that I get a case of the giggles every time I hear it.  Just focus on the fact that the Academy won’t throw all the awards they can at it, and our mothers won’t want a thing to do with this movie, and we can save our backlash energy for something else and just enjoy the ride.

Or, if you must, the Megan Fox boobs.

2 Responses

  1. She had me at ‘I go both ways,” and Adam Brody may be just enough to overcome my usual aversion to Amanda Seyfried’s voice/vacant bug-eyed expression.


  2. […] not about the poster, which is basically just Amanda Seyfried giving FACE, and we all know how I feel about Amanda Seyfried, so it’s great, but I digress. […]


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