We Have the Answer to the Most Important Question! HUZZAH!!!

So, in case you’ve been under a rock, the most important thing in the world, EVER, began yesterday.  Yes, that’s right:


Really, whenever I so much as consider the fact that the U2 360° Tour is an actual thing that’s happening (as opposed to a fever dream of delirious fabulousness from which I’ll inevitably wake up, which turned out to be the case that one time I thought I saw the Popmart Tour, or that one time I saw them at a private gig at a Barnes & Noble), the squealing recommences.  I haven’t blogged as much about it as I said I would, mostly on account of the fact that my coworkers/roommates/the Tri-State area have been complaining about the noise and accompanying bleeding ears, so I’ve tried to keep the U2-thusiasm to a minimum.  Well, seeing as how yesterday’s show in Barcelona officially kicked the tour off, I refuse to be respectful any longer, y’all.  

And while there’re already a-bajillion-and-three things I could say about the tour just from the first show, I’ll cool off for the moment and just focus on answering what we can all agree is the MOST important question: Where’s my Eno?

Why, glory be, he’s here:

Egads!  Do you hear the spacey, ambient goodness gliding in the audio?  Eno sounds, y’all!  All other questions and concerns, like time itself, are irrelevant right now because WE HAVE ENO SOUNDS!!!  Can’t.  Control.  EXCITMENT!  GAH!!!

So, yes, consider this your final warning.  Now that the tour has begun in earnest, keyboards will be crushed by my overly enthusiastic blogging fingers, voices (well, mine at least) will go hoarse from the perpetual state of shriekiness, and–oh yes–there will be blood.  From your ears.

You’re welcome.

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