Hardee’s is Lowering America’s Standards in Acceptable Breakfast Items/Clever Innuendoes

Two birds, one stone.  Quite impressive, really.  Then again, Hardee’s is nothing if one thing:

hardees classiest

Do you not believe me?  Then just take a gander at their new ad for something they thus far call “biscuit holes”:

CLASSY!  I sincerely hope that these people were actually paid actors (or at least let in on this “clever” marketing “joke” in order to guide their responses); otherwise this is yet another sad day in America’s cultural and intellectual decline.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that it’s been long understood that sex sells.  But since when did we try to market a product off of anal sex jokes?  “The a-hole tastes funny”?  Really?  Yes, I would suspect that it would taste rather funny, but I also don’t think that anybody’s fish taco is tasting magically delicious, so this is just DUMB; unfortunately, it’s so much worse as well.

Hardee’s hasn’t just set a new low in juvenile advertising (I’m pretty certain people stop using the phrase “b-hole” by fourth grade), they’ve also found a despicable way to sell a product through prudish, conservative notions of appropriate sexual behavior.  Regardless of how taboo said act comes across to you, the “humor” of this ad comes from everybody either being a prude or a pervert over an issue that’s ultimately a personal and consensual choice.  Screw you, Hardee’s.  Take a lesson from the tag line of Showgirls and leave your inhibitions at the door.

Oh, and also, I don’t know about you, but what part of the world considers those curious balls to be “biscuits”?  I’m pretty certain it ain’t the UK, ‘cos those “biscuits” ain’t cookies.  And it damn well ain’t the South, because we smother ours in sausage gravy.  Not some foul looking icing.  Yuck.

So, in short, advertisement FAIL, Hardee’s.  Go back to school and cross your fingers that you get your Associate’s Degree next time around.  ‘Til then, you’re an abomination.

And also: much love (?) to Videogum, who found this monstrosity via AdFreak.

One Response

  1. Yes. Biscuits back home are yummy, often feature chocolate, and are thin discs. I enjoyed the other kind of biscuit when I lived in Houston, even though I am sure both are equally bad for you. Especially for breakfast.

    Hardees is vile. I used to live in the midwest where they are omnipresent. I think their previous claim to fame was the highest calorie sandwiches in fast-food-dom–something you have to work hard to achieve. Lots of cheese, meat and, I believe, fried eggs in a single burger. I’ll pass.


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