Who’s That (Blog) Girl?

As of last night, the second most important paradigm shift in your life (after the immaculate conception of fabulousness/ridiculousness that is this blog, DUH) happened like a big bolt of fierceness from the heavens above.    I’m officially the flamboyantly gay version of Emperor Palpatine, and I have taken on an apprentice; and while I won’t hesitate to cut said bitch if they dare to throw me into a Death Star reactor, it’s safe to say that all of our lives have gotten an always welcome shot of more-fabulous.

But who is this lucky lady?  Well, I’ll say this much: It ain’t Madonna circa the 1987 reworking of Bringing Up Baby.  No no:


That’s right!  Shmathan, your favorite heckling Glee-enthusiast/Georgina-hater is now bringing his small-batch, triple distilled pop-culture bitchery to the masses!  It’s been aged in geekwood and infused with nerd petals, so you just know it’s going to be a delicious.

So consider yourself warned, interweb: Code 66 is in full effect.  

Oh, and no need to thank either of us.  Really.  You’re welcome.

3 Responses

  1. You can’t cut me. My midichlorian count is SO higher than yours.


  2. hawtness


  3. Where is Nate Nate’s blog???? And why is he wearing one of your Ferdinand Frogg shirts?


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