The Second Coming (of Mad Men on DVD) is Upon Us

Oh man, July 14th ain’t just Bastille Day this year.  Didn’t you get the memo?  French-historical-holiday hotness is so every other year, y’all.  Perfectly nuanced, 60s-set television drama is this year’s hotness:

mad men season 2 dvd

Is is just me, or this box art all sorts of delicious?  Wait, stupid question.  It’s most certainly not.

But seriously, if you haven’t been watching season 2 of Mad Men, then you’re in good company.  I haven’t either!  That doesn’t mean we can’t fix our bad life choices before season 3 premieres on August 16th.  

After all, Mad Men‘s probably the single best show airing on TV right now.  The 60s-inspired costumes and sets are nothing short orgasmic (if that’s your sort of thing, and it’s most definitely my thing).  The plot lines play out like fabulous Sirkian melodramas, but they’re allowed the emotional slow burn of telling their tales over the course of 13 episodes as opposed to a few short hours.  And the fact that creator Matthew Weiner had the brilliantly ballsy move to set each season two years apart makes the show infinitely more compelling as it tracks the ever changing social landscape of 1960s America.  

And of course, there’s also that glorious cast.  Like Christina Hendricks, who plays the second greatest Joan of all time:

Joan Holloway Mad Men

How I worship her curves and couture and the steely-bitch facade she carries in the office.  If I worked for Sterling Cooper, you’d better believe she’d be my beard wife in a hot second.

And equally fierce are January Jones (as Betty Draper) and Elisabeth Moss (as Peggy Olsen):

Betty, Joan, Peggy

Oh, they’re all so fierce in such compelling and different ways!  And just look how they’re dressed!  I covet all those color palettes to the point where I wish the rooms in my apartment were styled like various women-of-MadMan outfits.  It’s probably best that this is not the case because I’d probably never leave my apartment.  Ever.

If no other reason (and I’ve already given you plenty), though, there’s always Jon Hamm:

don draper mad men season 2

His Don Draper makes being conflicted all sorts of sexy.  Riding the Draper Dreamboat will probably make you pine after emotionally unavailable men in business suits, but even if that’s wrong, Jon Hamm makes is oh so right.  He’s fuckin’ Hammilicious.  

So, really,  let’s all get caught up on Mad Men.  The cast is the best, the drama is the greatest, and the art decoration is eye candy for 1960s aesthetes.  Can you ask for anything else?  No, you really can’t.

And extra kudos to AMC’s expansive Mad Men Photo Gallery for all those lovely pictures.  Really, people, it’s freakin’ huge, and every image is so stunning it’s like art-direction porn.  Trust me, you want to go to there.

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