Thanks to Google Image Search, We Can Now Bask in the Weirdness of The Frightened Woman

I’m no internet technician, so I can’t attest to understanding the precise ways that a Google image search works, but I do know that often times the results can delight and confuse in equal measure.  Mostly because they make no sense.  

So color me par-for-the-course when a recent search for “frightened woman” gave me this:

frightened woman


A colorful art installations meant to represent the mythical vagina dentata under a search for “frightened woman” is supposed to be representative of a frightened woman?  Frightening, for sure, but hardly frightened.  Or maybe the teeth are like a rattle snake’s rattle, so maybe she is frightened?  I just don’t know.  The lady bits are nature’s great mystery to me, and I fully intend to keep it that way.

But that’s not to say that I won’t still click a link to try and figure out what in the hell is going on, and I’m glad I did.

It turns out that said above image is from a late-60s Italian movie called The Frightened Woman.  According to DVD Times, it’s an erotic exploration of sadomasochism and gender politics set, and the look is apparently steeped in a 60s deco aesthetic.  In other words, it’s trash art with subtitles, and nothing about the movie’s trailer can convince me otherwise:

Hahahahaha, PERFECT!  I’m sorry, but no amount of high-minded dialogue about the relations between men and women can change the fact that this movie looks completely out of its damn mind.  From Dagmar Lassander’s ridicu-dancing to the Mirella Pamphill’s glorious ‘do to the strange pleasure that comes from seeing Philippe Leroy enter the vagina dentata thing (I don’t get it at at this point; is it an interactive art piece, or a telepod, or maybe a spaceship?), it’s safe to say that we’ve got another one for the Netflix queue.  

Also, between this and the profound dance magic of Sara Carlson, I’m beginning to grow convinced that–of all countries–Italy speaks the universal language of batshit crazy the most fluently.  This obviously means I need to go there.  Immediately.

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