Fact of the Day: Zachary Quinto Makes Everything Sexier

It’s common knowledge that Zachary Quinto’s one seriously delicious piece of man:

zachary quinto swoon

It’s also common knowledge that, no matter what he does, he sets the world’s loins afire.  Can you blame Uhura for wanting to get it on with his Spock in Star Trek?  Nope.  Even eating superhero brains in Heroes can’t act as a deterrent to his dangerously high levels of sexy.  I feel like he could play Nazi that kicks puppies and hates babies, but I’d still gladly play hausfrau so long as he please not talk about work at the dinner table; he knows how it ruins my appetite for spätzle.

Needless to say, Mr. Quinto continues his tyrannical reign of sexy with this inexplicable 56-second video.  It doesn’t make damn drop of sense and probably constitutes a total waste of milk, which is obviously ridiculous to waste because WE’RE IN A RECESSION, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a fierce case of the vapors:  


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch this on loop for the next hour.

Cheers to Best Week Ever for finding this sexy thing, whatever precisely it may be.

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