Alright Already! We’ll Talk About Glee

Yeesh.  Certain people, who shall remain nameless but might have names that rhyme with Shmarker and Shmathan (just saying, and also, love you guys!), have been all up in my grill about Glee.  It’s nothing but “Why don’t you blog about Glee?” this and “I hate your face ’til you blog about Glee!” that.  So fine, here we go:

glee copy

Seriously, was there ever any question?  I think not.  If anything, my only complaint is that we’re all forced to wait until this fall for more Glee.  That’s ass and a half, y’all; fortunately, despite Fox clearly conducting an experiment in patience amongst the nation’s gays (and their fag hags), Glee is anything but ass and a half.

Maybe it’s hyperbole, but Glee‘s the most inspired television show in quite some time.  The underdog-competitor-meets-Busby-Berkeley-musical vibe is infinitely charming blend of camp and heartfelt sincerity, and any show that can bring together both the eternally adorable Jayma Mays and eternally fierce Jessalyn Gilsig clearly knows a thing or two about casting.  And let’s not forget that Glee gave us the single greatest rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” ever made EVER:

Don’t lie.  You know you love it.

Mostly though, let’s talk about Lea Michele:


This girl is an utter talent, and I love her.  Seriously, she’s the new face of fabulousness.  I will officially watch anything that she’s in at this point, even if that means I have to see McG’s sure-to-be-a-massacre of Spring Awakening.  That’s the level of talent this girl has, y’all: I will gladly make my eyes bleed just to diva worship in her glory.  Ryan Murphy’s come up with a truly brilliant show with a bevy of reasons to watch, but Lea Michele is the only reason you need.

Well, her and the fact that Jessalyn Gilsig will have a hysterical pregnancy as a plotline this fall.  It’s like they engineered this show in the homo lab to achieve maximum gaiety, and Glee succeeds in spades.  Glittery, jazz-handing spades.

Watch it this fall, y’all.  You won’t regret it.  And if you don’t, Shmarker and Shmathan will get up in your grill ’til you do, and trust me: those two are persistent fuckers.

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  1. Yes, yes we are. Once again, bloggtastically fabulous!


    • You’re now a blog star! You’re going to be blog famous!


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