Not Even a Dancing Nosferatu Takes the Gay Out of Lady Gaga

It’s no secret that I’m rather taken by Lady Gaga’s whole schtick, which is essentially an avant-garde performance in which a woman parodies the way drag queens behave.  Or, in other words, she parades about as if she were a batshit-crazy-tranny-cyborg sent back in time by the Resistance to make John Connor TOTALLY FABULOUS.  Seriously:


She’ll be back.  To help you blend you do touch ups on your body glitter and properly color-blend your lip gloss.  I digress, though.

Most impressively about Lady Gaga is that her homo force is completely unstoppable.  No amount of effort can extricate her gayness; she’s like a nuclear power plant of hyper-camp queerdom.  And trust me when I say that even a man dressing up in a Nosferatu costume cannot contain her rainbow-tinted energy:

To be certain, that video is a total nightmare, but it’s also a really gay nightmare.  Girl admittedly needs to work on her jazz hands and get a bit of sun (or at least a little Sevin Nyne), but you can’t really blame her for trying.  The moves are the sort of quasi-vogueing one would expect from someone who’s been undead for hundreds of years: you can’t expect an old queen to be au currant with her dance moves, and at a certain point your joints are bound to start going!  Give the bitch a snaggletooth for trying, y’all!

So, crazy (and probably possibly gay) vampire, you remind us yet again of the unstoppable force of homo-magnificence that is Lady Gaga, and for that we salute you!

Cheers to Videogum for the discovery.


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