Let’s Build the Ultimate Netflix Queue of Insanity! I Need Netflix Suggestions, STAT!!!


A bit over a year ago I finally started making use of my Netflix account after I realized I had the same copy of In the Mood for Love for an embarrassingly long amount of time.  I sent it off, updated my account, and got to work on crafting a queue that’d constantly keep me excited about what was coming next in the mail.  No such freakin’ luck.

The first problem with Netflix, it should be noted, is that there’s just too much selection for a person like me.  I struggle making decisions at a Starbucks, let alone a Blockbuster, so Netflix is a bonafide nightmare.  My logical response?  Put everything in the queue.  

Movies I saw once at Virgin Megastore that piqued my interest for two seconds?  In the queue.  That one movie with that one actress from several years ago that got reasonably decent reviews?  In the queue.  Netflix’s suggestion on something I might like when I put another suggestion of theirs in my queue after I selected a movie with Julianne Moore?  You guessed it: in the queue.

Needless to say, I had a full queue–yes, 500 selections–within three days.  Because I’m ridiculous.  And, quite naturally, within a few months time I’d gone from voracious DVD consumption to my standard “Whoops, I still have that, don’t I?” mode.

Anways, when I recently logged into Netflix to get my movie-watching groove back and add a few new releases that’d I’ve been itching to see, I looked at my excessively bloated list and realized that it’s time for a little queue spring cleaning.  For example, why did I have The Good German at number 10?  I mean, it’s not that it looks bad:

If anything, I stand by my initial thoughts when I saw the trailer, which is that it doesn’t look half bad given that I’m a fan of both Casablanca and Steven Soderbergh.  But, really, what I was on when I put Rendition at number 20, and do I really care to sit through Jonathan Demme’s remake of The Manchurian Candidate (#38) any time in the near future?  I may love me my Meryl Streep, but seriously.  

So, first thing is first, which is I must go through and remove movies that I already have (which, on a side note, makes me ponder how I stumbled upon Holy Mountain months before I saw Jodorowsky’s masterpiece of batshit insane, El Topo) and movies that I couldn’t care less about (I’m going to make a leap of faith in guessing that no matter how high my tolerance for bad movies is, Cat in the Hat will never be a good idea for a viewing experience).  As for what I shall put next onto my queue, well, that’s where y’all come in.  

I need your suggestions for movies to put on the queue, but I’d prefer to avoid traditional suggestions of actual traditionally good movies ‘cos, I mean, have you not ever read this blog before?  I want to build a queue littered with the heights of camp and cult trash and the great movies that shirk mainstream tastes.  Anything that’s good or bad or ridiculous or over the top, just so long as it’s not boring.  Boring movies are the worst.

Do you know of a movie with a sublime performance of camp majesty?  Leave it in the comments.  Have a guilty pleasure that you’ve just been itching to share?  You’d better believe I want to hear about it.  Is there a horror movie you love that, like Rodney Dangerfield, gets no respect?  I’ll gladly give it a whirl.   Is there a truly gonzo cult film that you’ve simply gotta discuss?  Tell me, please!  I’m hardly discriminating in terms of genre, decade, or nationality of origin; so long as its bloated with excess, I imagine it’s something that I’d want to see.  

So let’s do this, y’all.  Leave any suggestions you’ve got in the comments below, and feel free to pass this post along to friends.  Together we can build the ultimate queue of the most fabulous and ridiculous movies cinema has to offer.  I can’t do it alone, people.  You’re my Obi Wan Kenobis.  You’re my only hope.

6 Responses

  1. 1. Varsity Blues
    2. Mommie Dearest (I actually had these both out at the same time)…

    3. Caged Heat
    4. Desperado


  2. These are strictly in the order they come to mind. If the Patty Duke teenage girl track star vehicle, Billie, was available on DVD I’d recommend that. After all, she sings her hit songs from 1965… Anyway, here are a few. You may enjoy all of these–they are all good bad films. Some are less inspired and more obvious choices, like my first pick.
    1. Valley of the Dolls–because it is a Patty Duke movie and its available.
    2. Wild Guitar (starring Archie “Arch” Danielson and Cash Flagg).
    3. Maniac–Dwain Esper’s insane 1931 film that has to be seen to be believed. I won’t even attempt to describe it.
    4. Sex Perils of Paulette

    More to follow. I have to think carefully about this. Of course, if you really want stinkers, Woody Allen’s Match Point is one of the worst films I’ve seen–hysterically bad–but it looks oh so middlebrow on your list.

    By the way, I have Glitter on DVD and will lend it to you any time. I also have most of the titles listed above (maybe all…)


  3. 1) Psycho Beach Party
    2) Die Mommy Die
    3) Holy Mary (give it a shot!)
    4) Captivity (I’m curious to see how Elisha Cuthbert lives)
    5) Any of the made for DVD Bring It On sequels
    6) S. Darko, the sequel to Donnie Darko
    7) Deathrace, or really anything with Jason Statham in it.
    8) Oh, that bad future sci-fi flick with Vin Diesel, Babylon AD or something like that.


  4. PS, can you please watch this preview? I’m in love. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNU0KoBIIdE


    • Me. Too. You just gave me my new blog post.


  5. CHUD – this is cheesy, but i actually kind of like it as a straightforward horror film. 2 future Home Alone actors in this one
    CHUD 2: Bud the Chud – this is waaaaay worse but possibly more awesome. Goofy, stupid jokes. As I explain it to everyone, Encino Man with a zombie

    1990: Bronx Warriors
    Ridiculous action movie with obligatory 80’s homoeroticism.

    Equalizer 5000?
    I can’t remember I’ll have to look it up. I bought this used from a random video store in Rome GA. It has the oversized VHS box (yes). It has a Penthouse pet in it (very large chest) and T-1000 (Robert Patrick).
    The Equalizer is this gun the main character builds. It’s my favorite movie prop ever. It’s a rocket launcher, machinegun, rifle, shotgun. Oh and it’s a bad Mad Max ripoff.


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