If You Do One Thing Today, Make it Voting for Beaker’s “Ode to Joy”

 Over Christmas break, my friend Bethany informed me that her brother’s production company was responsible for the totally brilliant Muppet videos that had sprung up on YouTube.  I’m not saying that I’m jealous or anything, but let’s just say that I hate her face for being so badass.  

ANYWAYS, she just informed me today that one video in particular, Beaker’s “Ode to Joy,” has been nominated for a Webby, which is like the Oscars of the internet.  In case you haven’t seen it, here is the Beaker brazilliance in all its glory:

I mean, we can all agree that this video is completely amazing, and by “agree” I mean that I will not tolerate any dissenting opinions so shut your trap and deal with it.  That being said, you really should go sign up and vote for the video over at the Webby’s to make sure it wins.  Just find it under the “Music” subsection of “Online Film & Video.”  And don’t forget to tell anybody you’re remotely connected to via the interweb!

Seriously, y’all, it’d make Bethany happy, which’ll in turn make me happy, and  I’m really not in the mood to beg.  Or hate your face.  Voting closes on April 30th, so hop to it!


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