Life is Good When You Can Post Twice in One Day About Powder Blue

Oh glory be!  Are you worried that you won’t be able to see the most eagerly anticipated film of the summer, Powder Blue, when it’s released May 8th in New York and Los Angeles?  Are you terrified that the inevitable months of waiting for a DVD release so you may whet your lips with its sweet nectar of camp will simply prove too much to handle?  Or are you simply in it for Jessica Biel’s boobies?  Well, whatever your motivation, fret not!  

According to DVDActive, Powder Blue will be released on June 9th.  That’s right, people.  Powder Blue is such a classy, respectable, and truly visionary cinematic experience (and definitely not a train wreck, natch) that the distributors refuse to keep it away from audiences any longer than the absolute minimum waiting time.  

This is NOT about exploiting the recent buzz surrounding Jessica Biel appearing in this movie as a stripper, and this is MOST CERTAINLY NOT about trying to sell as many copies of the-movie-where-Jessica-Biel-is-a-stripper to hormonal adolescent boys and twentysomething virgins living in their parents basements before the incredibly bad buzz renders this movie incapable of selling a single copy that’s not in a 99-cent bargain bin in your local Walmart (unless it’s at your neighborhood GLBT book and video store, which in that case Powder Blue‘s totally selling for full price).  Nope, this release date speaks to just how confident Image Entertainment is that Powder Blue the movie we all need in our lives sooner as opposed to later.  Seriously, just look at the box art ; it positively reeks of integrity and confidence:


“Don’t worry, buyers,” this cover seems to say.  “This is a movie about finding hope in the darkest of places!  This is like Magnolia, but more serious!  And artistic!  Jessica Biel’s boobs are purely incidental to the sales of this uncompromising cinematic masterpiece (of Jessica Biels starring as a stripper)!  And, don’t worry, if you don’t like art because you think that just means that Powder Blue will be pretentious and boring, we’ve still got boobies to keep things interesting!”  

And if the box art doesn’t convince you enough, as I type this, you can pre-order Powder Blue on DVD from Amazon for a mere $12.99.  That’s 54% off the list price of $27.98!

So what’re you waiting for?  Pre-order your copy today!  All signs point to Powder Blue being THE piece of (unintentional camp) art for our generation!

(Thanks to Michael for the tip.)

5 Responses

  1. Do you think they will release this in Fort Myers, or is it too great and artistic of an indie film to even attempt to come here?


    • Unfortunately, when a starlet bares her breasts, the artistry inherently shoots through the roof. I sadly suspect that Powder Blue just might be too brilliant to make a theatrical release in Florida, but there fortunately will be the DVD release soon enough. Haven’t you already pre-ordered it? Picasso sketches and Monet paintings auction for a fortune, but Powder Blue is only $12.99. It’s the deal of the century for art (art means “total garbage,” right?) collectors!


  2. Does this mean I can’t join you, Dana, Robyn and Tame to see it in theaters? Are you going to save the $12.50 so you can put it towards your dvd purchase (I imagine you pre-ordered it already)?


    • Nonsense, I’ve no patience to wait an extra month just to save a few dollars. This is still a theatrical experience that must be had, to be sure; I’m just glad to know that I won’t have to wait long before I start throwing Powder Blue-themed parties.


  3. I figured as much–I guess any teasing tones get omitted from emailed responses!

    I just got my (mail delayed) US weekly so now I can read the Lindsay Lohan interview in bed tonight.


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