In Honor of Iowa, This Post is Extra Gay

So I’m sure that you’ve heard the excellent news by now, but seriously, y’all:


It is always exceptional news to hear when another state recognizes that it is unconstitutional to ban gay marriage, and the fact that it’s Iowa is particularly exceptional.  You don’t really expect such a radical political change to come from the midwest.  You just expect potatoes and corn.  All of us New Yorkers should feel particularly embarrassed today for feeling like we’re such a progressive state.  Apparently it’s Iowa that’s for gay lovers.  New York’s just for smug jackasses.  Whoops!

Anyways, I decided I’d that, in honor of a little piece of history being made, I’d keep it light share a few of my favorite homo things.  First off, we have the inimitable diva, Barbara Stanwyck, in A Walk on the Wild Side.  I could bother to set this up with a little plot exposition, but where’s the fun in that?  Just know that these are the 17 greatest seconds of performance any actress has ever delivered.  EVER:

That, my friends, is not camp.  That is exquisiteness.  I like to imagine that Barbara Stanwyck’s performance is so fabulously intense and perfectly delivered that it physically hurls Capucine onto the couch with the strength of a perfectly placed bitchslap, kinda like a gay version of the Force push.  Did I just reference Star Wars?  I just said something totally gay and totally nerdy.  Two-for-one special on quips, y’all.  You’re welcome.

Equally homoriffic, yet in a completely different medium of pure fabulosity, is the music video for U2’s “Discotheque”:

A friend said these words to me after I came out during freshman year of college: “I always new that you were gay because you even liked 90s U2.”  Truer words have never been spoken.    It’s U2, drenched in a Jacques-Demy-in-neon aesthetics and extolling the virtues of the dance floor.  I’d later realize that this is what we consider high camp; at the time when I first saw this in middle school, I just knew it as awesome.  Besides Lady Gaga, this really is the gayest thing in pop culture.  And it came from four straight men!  Go figs.

But mostly, I think we need this little bit of homoness to honor these changing times:

Whoops, I lied!  We’ve gotta get serious with this post, so I made a mini Harvey Milk tribute.  Queue up the first one for a bit of Danny Elfman’s gorgeous score from Milk and be sure to knock down the volume so it doesn’t overpower the speech, then start listening to the second video, and then prepare yourself for so much crying.  Hankies ready?  Let’s do this:

It’s true, though: You’ve always gotta give them hope, and Iowa has given us all hope.  We’ve got hope in a nation that respects us.  We’ve got hope in a nation that acknowledges us as a people deserving our rights under this constitution.  We’ve got hope in a nation that embraces us as just who we are.  We’re no longer reliant upon the geographical and political fringes to be recognized as human beings.  We’ve found it in mid-west, Mainstream America.

In their decision, Iowa reminds us that EVERY person deserves the same legal rights as a citizen of this country.  Justice has been served in a single state, and I certainly hope it sweeps across this nation.  For any sane person that has ever recognized that the bans against gay marriage that occur across this nation are simply rooted in nothing more than callous bigotry and homophobia, well, I hold you tightly.  Yesterday we won a hard earned victory, so let us celebrate.  Justice has been served in a single state, and I certainly hope it sweeps across this nation.

Now seriously, New York, I think you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

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  1. Absolutely. I agree with every word.


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